Leftovers Bread

Bread is best baked by a baker – that’s what he has learned. And he has the equipment and the ingredients. Still it is a pity to throw away old bread, and you cannot eat bread dumplings every day. So I bake bread from bread leftovers.

I need a mixing bowl and bakin paper for the oven.


  • Old wheat or rye bread – no hamburger buns
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Dried yeast powder for about 500g wheat flour
  • about 500g wheat flour
  • dried herbs (basil, tarragon, …) if available
  • roasted onion or bacon cubes if available

Cut the bread to small pieces. I do that with a breat cutter. The dry bread will crumble to the right size. Add salt, herbs, onion or bacon. Pour boiling water, mix and let soak.

When the mix has become soft – time varies depending on the bread you use – add flour and yeast and knead thoroughly. Add warm water if necessary, but the dough should be quite solid. Form a ball, put back into the bowl and cover.

When the dough has expanded – at least an hour, but can also be left over night – put it in the lukewarm oven – about 40°C – for an hour. Re-shape if necessary and bake for an hour at 180°C.