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Bread Dumplings

Bavarian Bread Dumplings are culture and art. There are recipes and exact manuals. the bread should be old, but not hard, and I can buy the proper “Knödelbrot” in Bavarian supermarkets.

But really bread dumplings are just a reuse of leftovers. The leftover wheat bread and as much of other leftovers as possible should be made into something tasty. No matter if the bread is hard or not, and use as much as possible of othe leftovers you find in the kitchen. Continue reading Bread Dumplings


There are countless waffle recipes on the Internet and in all kinds of cook books. Most of them contain sugar which is totally unnecessary. I have tried the recipe below, and it works. If not, it is not because of the recipy, but because of the waffle maker – cheap waffle makers do not produce enough heat to make crunchy waffles. Continue reading Waffles