German Pancakes

On the one hand pancakes are easy, on the other hand everybody’s recipe is different. I prepare them as explained below and the consumers are happy.

Preparation is important. I need a mixing bowl, a mixer, and at least one frying pan. I use stainless steel pans, but a cast iron pan may be even better.

Measuring is simple – a cup here, a cup there. A “cup” is the American cup measure, about 230ml.

Ingredients for one person

  • One cup milk
  • One egg
  • One cup wheat flour
  • Butter or other fat for frying

Mit milk and egg in the bowl.

Continue to mix and slowly add flour. Beat to a liquid mix with no lumps.

While the mix rests put the pan on the stove and heat to medium heat – on an electric stove with a scale from 1 to 9 this is about 7, but you need to try. When the pan is hot add a small piece of butter and let melt. Pour a ladle of the mix, let the mix spread.

When the top side looks dry, turn around and remove after a short period. Then – butter – mix – turn ….


There is nothing that can go wrong with the mix. If it is more liquid, the pancakes will be thinner.

If the pancakes burn, they have been in the pan too long.

If they burn before they are done the pan is too hot.

If the ylook good but are hard the pan was not hot enough.