There are countless waffle recipes on the Internet and in all kinds of cook books. Most of them contain sugar which is totally unnecessary. I have tried the recipe below, and it works. If not, it is not because of the recipy, but because of the waffle maker – cheap waffle makers do not produce enough heat to make crunchy waffles.

  • 150g butter, more or less warm
  • 5 eggs
  • 250g wheat flour
  • 200ml (about 1 cup) sour cream. Yoghurt or buttermilk work as well.
  • More liquid (water or milk) if necessary

Prepare ingredients

Heat waffle maker to highest setting. Preparation of the mix is so fast that the waffle maker will heat up while you mix.

Mix butter, until creamy. Add eggs and continue mixing.

Add flour and continue mixing.

Add sour cream and mix until smooth. The mix should be kind of liquid. If necessary add a little milk or water.

Place a small piece of butter in the waffle maker (The mix contains so much butter that this is only necessary at the beginning). Pour a ladlefull of mix into the waffle maker and bake. If the waffle turns dark too fast, reduce the temperature. If the waffles stay soft and soggy, buy a better waffle maker.