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There are countless waffle recipes on the Internet and in all kinds of cook books. Most of them contain sugar which is totally unnecessary. I have tried the recipe below, and it works. If not, it is not because of the recipy, but because of the waffle maker – cheap waffle makers do not produce enough heat to make crunchy waffles. Continue reading Waffles

Fancy Hazelnut Cake

This cake has been our standard birthday cake for many years. Filling and Frosting is so chocolaty that usually a small piece is quite enough. The amount is enough for a normal springform pan for quite a lot of people. You can use almonds instead of hazelnuts – then it will become (surprise!) an almond cake. In times of salmonella the filling is risky. The expert beats the eggs hot enough to kill germs, or buys pasteurized fresh egg. Continue reading Fancy Hazelnut Cake

Students’ Pasta

As a student – not only – I had and have the problem that when i am hungry I do not want to go shopping for food. And when I buy fresh food I do not want it when I am hungry. So I keep durable foodstuff at home. This recipe can be varied as you like – also with less durable ingredients or stuff that needs to be eaten before it goes bad. The recipe is for one hungry person. It does not impress a star cook, except when he is hungry (then, yes! I have tried!) Continue reading Students’ Pasta